Daily Silky Skin


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Our ultrasonic scrubber eliminates blackheads, dead cells and all impurities from your face right from the first treatment! It is effective, gentle and painless.

It has 3 modes of use:

1. Cleansing: to purify your skin of all impurities. 😎
2. Moisturizing: to apply your favorite creams and enhance the effect. 🥰
3. Lifting: with which you can enjoy an invigorating massage at the end of the day. 😊

Using it is really simple and just moisten the face and start using it in the cleansing mode, passing it on the impurities of the skin. Afterwards, dry your face and apply your moisturizer - making it penetrate better with the Moisturizing mode.

Finally, select Facelift and enjoy a nice massage! 😍

Visible results in just a few uses

Safe and skin-friendly

Use it from the comfort of your home

You can use it on every part of the body

Quick and easy to use

Completely painless

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